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When Did July Disappear?

I was just about to write a blog entry when I realized I missed a month. Again. Summer seems to do that to me, even at this age. I haven’t dealt with ‘summer vacation’ for a very long time, but … Continue reading

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June and Near-Disasters

No, I’m safe and healthy. but it was almost not a good month. It has been a busy month, for sure! Co-author Abby Cortez and I went through the whole Romance book looking for mispellings, missing words and generally looking … Continue reading

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The News

Happy to say I have someone looking at Down Cellar, an editor of sorts. The other day I sat with a friend at Columbia & Sheridan, the Starbucks I frequent the most often. Over coffee we got talking about his … Continue reading

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Wait! What Happened to March?

Yes, did some spring cleaning here on the website.’Bout time. Now to get to the news. I must have been having too much fun. I’ve missed two months of posts now and it’s time for a third one. Well, fun … Continue reading

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It’s February and …

I’ve finished the final revision of Down Cellar. And the moment, I feel at loose ends. Not because there’s nothing to do, but because that one thread that tied life together has completed its job and is no longer needed. … Continue reading

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So, Is This Progress?

I’ve been digging through my old files in an attempt at early spring cleaning. It’s amazing what appears. The following is something I wrote for a long-gone attempt at an on-line portfolio/website. I think it was the ‘intro blurb’ to … Continue reading

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The Christmas Gift from The Roommate We Kicked Out

Last summer, we took in a guy who needed a place. Maybe you’ve done this. He’d moved to the big city with high hopes and a friend who wanted him to move in. That lasted a month. He found another … Continue reading

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