face for this old houseMy name is Gordon De Land. I grew up in a small country village in Central New York State.

I have been a plumber, pastor, associate pastor, insurance help desk, navy sonar tech, student (several times, the last to earn a Masters degree), father, husband, son, victim of abuse, office boy, horse barn cleaner, handyman, chauffeur and companion, rape victim, homeless couch-surfer, and most recently an author and advocate for men who were sexually abused as children.  In other words, I’ve lived and gotten old before I died.  😉

Technically, I retired Spring 2014, for about the third time. But retirement is boring. So here I come again, as an Author. One novel, co-authored with Abby Cortez, is published, with a sequel in the ‘dream’ stage. Another novel, a murder mystery, is  revised with a sequel in the works. Writing stories has become my main activity.

We learn from stories. Not just facts to ponder or nod off to, but how to live well when life is not easy. And how to die. And and how to begin a new life all over again. And hopefully how to do it without all the pain the storyteller went through to learn how. I hope the stories here present those lessons to you in a way you can receive them and even enjoy them.

We are, each of us in the end, a life story.