As I mentioned, there are eight novels waiting on my finishing touch. Add to that 5 or 6 short stories, more poems than I have ever counted, several short articles for a defunct website… you get the idea.

What you have here is a growing list of the ‘finished’ pieces or at least samples of them. The list will grow as I work my way through the unfinished ones, polish the finished ones, and write some of the more exciting new ideas that suggest themselves.

Small Town Romance

Amy Williams is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. From childhood, her father taught her to see the   mystery and danger in every-day events. All her adult life, however —including her present sedate secretarial job at a small, educational non-profit— has always been…well, uneventful. Still, she won’t let that blind her to the every-day mysteries around her.

Michael Edwards is a facts-only local police beat cop who was raised on the poor side of town by a single mother. Mysteries need to be de-mystified and made safe. Danger needs to be disarmed, contained or neutralized. Its not just his job, its his whole upbringing.

So when mystery and danger finally threaten Amy’s boring existence–perhaps her very life– a man like Officer Edwards is just the ticket. If only he wasn’t such a flat-footed, unimaginative jerk.

Small Town Romance will make you laugh, cry, cringe and root for the good guys right up to the end and is available on Amazon here.

Down Cellar

A series of suspicious fires motivate a plumber and a genealogist to team up to solve a mystery that is driving someone in town crazy. Down Cellar will keep you in the edge of your seat as you follow this unlikely team through the twists and turns thrown at them by a sociopath arsonist bent on revenge. Sample a few chapters?

Down Cellar is available here on Amazon, but purchase it at your favorite bookstore or web seller.

Change at Belmont

Take a mysterious disappearance, a mistaken identity and a personal vendetta masquerading as a real cure for AIDS, add a blizzard that just won’t quit and a hero who is afraid of the only two men who can clear his name. Change at Belmont combines mystery and romance with life lessons about loyalty and trust against a background of Chicago.

Not yet available for sale. Not yet. 🙂  But here are a few chapters to whet your appetite.