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I am an occasional author, a dad, a grandpa, ex-Navy, ex-preacher and ex-several other things. I grew up in the wilderness of Madison County, New York State. After living on all four coasts (and Hawaii!) and retiring for the third or fourth time, I am currently renovating a house in the Dallas TX Metro area, with two roommates, a brown cat and a lemon tree. In the process I may have become a Renaissance Man. Or maybe just a jack-of-all-trades.

In August 2018, I published Down Cellar, a mystery thriller about a plumber caught in the aftermath of an unsolved murder.  Prior to that, in July 2016, I co-authored and published Small Town Romance: Men in Blue to the Rescue with Abby Cortez. Both novels are available digital and paperback at your favorite bookseller. I am presently working on Upstairs, the sequel to Down Cellar as well as random short stories. Find me on Instagram for the latest one!


COMING SOON! Tina Inherits the House: (and almost gets killed in the process!) Second Edition

When her uncle dies, Tina inherits his estate: a house, a garden full of poison plants and a carriage house rented to a local college professor named Marion. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the taxes haven’t been paid in two years, there is a ghost that haunts the garden, and the college professor? Professor Marion Francis Dominick turns out to be everything Tina ever dreamed of in a man–except for his maddening secrecy! Who planted this poison garden? Why does everyone seem to want it? And who is trying to make sure Tina doesn’t survive her first summer there? And what about the ghost?!

(Note: this is the Second Edition. First edition will be available on this website in coming days. )


Gordondeland_2_KJim Worthington is a plumber with a past. John Green is a friend with mysterious connections. Soon after Jim finds a hidden room in John’s basement, Jim’s barn burns down. Then, one after another, Jim loses his house, his pets, his truck and his reputation. With his girlfriend in a coma and his best friend suggesting he turn himself into the police, Jim has to find out who is doing this–and more importantly why? –before he loses the last thing he has to lose: his life!

There are free chapters from Down Cellar here, no email required, no catch. Enjoy!
Or buy the whole thing digital or paperback on Amazon.


Final CoverAmy Williams is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. From childhood, her father taught her to see the   mystery and danger in every-day events. All her adult life, however —including her present sedate secretarial job at a small, educational non-profit— has always been…well, uneventful. Still, she won’t let that blind her to the every-day mysteries around her.

Michael Edwards is a facts-only local police beat cop who was raised on the poor side of town by a single mother. Mysteries need to be demystified and made safe. Danger needs to be disarmed, contained or neutralized. It’s not just his job, it’s his whole upbringing.

So when mystery and danger finally threaten Amy’s boring existence, and perhaps her very life, a man like Officer Edwards is just the ticket. If only he wasn’t such a flat-footed, unimaginative jerk.


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