Distracted, but not Distraught

Distracted by Poison Plants

So February is the month that seed catalogues come out, right? If you are a gardener you know this. Since my teen years I have been addicted to growing various ornamental and edible plants.  Little wonder that now I take that love and mate it with writing.

The work in progress is “Tina Inherits the House”, another old ‘start’ that has made it to the top of the to do list. Another mystery, of course, with some romance, based off a real ‘Tina’ whom I won’t embarrass at this time by telling her true life story. She is a great model for this character and there are a few other stories I’ve begun about her escapades.

The story is set in a college town, also modeled after a real place, but the story is all fiction. I posted a few chapters earlier this month on Instagram, and I will put them on Facebook as a ‘note’ at Gordon DeLand, Author . A pretty good story, so far.

Like a good garden, it is not a finished work, but it is far enough along to decide that it’s worth finishing all the way to the end.

Distracted from UpStairs

Yes, distracted from writing the middle and end of the sequel. I have some better ideas as to how to get to the end without sacrificing the story on the altar of ‘just-finish-it’.  It has become a struggle that even ‘just write something’ doesn’t seem to fix. I can’t seem to find out why I don’t’ want to finish, from my characters or my muse. Say a prayer for me, eh? And the characters—they’re all kidnapped and not in comfortable places! 😉

Distracted by Life in General

There are personal things going on too, that are bothering my writing. One of them is time constraints: I’ve been working 6 days a week for about 3 months and I don’t always have a lot of time to write, or dream or write more. Or much of anything past the job and the gym. I think the gym has kept me sane. I can work off the stress and somewhat zone out from the cares of the job, etc.

There is good news too, of course. I have a grandson who has just now begun to walk. And dance! I have (overtime) money in the bank, and I am losing weight. Hard to complain about any of that!!

So that’s life, for now. Distracted? Yes. Distraught? No. Still writing? Oh yeah! I’ll write again soon to you all.

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About Gordon DeLand

Author, speaker, ex-Navy and ex-preacher and ex-several other things. Grew up in the wilderness of Madison County, New York State. Officially retired, currently residing near Dallas TX but have lived on all four coasts and Hawaii. Maybe someday I'll retire back to New York. But not yet.
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