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BroadlawnsHappy to say I have someone looking at Down Cellar, an editor of sorts. The other day I sat with a friend at Columbia & Sheridan, the Starbucks I frequent the most often. Over coffee we got talking about his painting and my writing and the portfolios we both have. I paint word-pictures, I told him. He, I think, paints emotions on canvas. I suggested he try writing complete sentences. He kindly ignored me and suggested I send “Down Cellar” to a friend of his in Austin, TX, to someone who did editing in the past but now does copywriting. I am happy to report I did not stand, shout or spill my coffee when right there he texted her and got her to agree to look at it.  At this point,  I am content to see what happens. Somewhat content. Actually I’m also looking for an agent.

That same day, near the end of that same conversation, my phone/text rang. In my excitement I ignored it. When I looked at the text, I called back:  it was my co-author Abby Cortez. The owner of a Bed and Breakfast in the Central New York hamlet where Abby and I met had just offered to host us while we revise the first Romance and hash out the sequel. Now that’s pretty damn close to a romance scenario in itself—which we both noted. We could possibly monetize that to pay for the marketing of said sequel.

And a third thing, on that day: my bank account was strangely FATTER. I seldom see the numbers in there go up, so I checked to see what the mistake (probably) was. But No! I had money deposited there from Amazon! Yes, you actually CAN make money selling books you write! At least enough for coffee and maybe even a redesigned book cover for the Romance!

So take heart readers, writers, authors and romance/thriller lovers! Life is good, others really do care about us (and YOU in particular!) and sometimes, it even pays to work at what you love!

I’ll save the rest of the news for another post.

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Author, speaker, ex-Navy and ex-preacher and ex-several other things. Grew up in the wilderness of Madison County, New York State. Officially retired, currently residing near Dallas TX but have lived on all four coasts and Hawaii. Maybe someday I'll retire back to New York. But not yet.
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