Change of Seasons


School is IN. Drive Friendly.

I have been caught up in the marketing end of writing so much lately that I missed the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn. Here in Rogers Park the trees are not turning color—that comes later—but school is back in session. That means morning driving is a little slower and safe driving more challenging. I was on my way to an appointment this morning when a father with two little girls in tow stepped out from behind a parked minivan right in front of me. He was intent on getting the girls across the street to school on time. I was intent on getting to the doctor’s appointment on time. We exchanged dirty looks and got on with our day, no blood spilled. Had I been texting, it would likely have been a tragedy. [It’s illegal in school zones here I think; it definitely was in my recent home state of Texas.] This is the reason to #justdrive and not pay attention to anything else. As they say back home, Drive Friendly.

About Gordon DeLand

Author, speaker, ex-Navy and ex-preacher and ex-several other things. Grew up in the wilderness of Madison County, New York State. Officially retired, currently residing near Dallas TX but have lived on all four coasts and Hawaii. Maybe someday I'll retire back to New York. But not yet.
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