gordonauthor-headshotGordon De Land

Author, speaker, ex-Navy and
ex-preacher and ex-several
other things. Gordon De Land
grew up in the wilderness of
Madison County, New York State.
Officially retired, he currently
resides in Chicago but has lived
on all four coasts and Hawaii.
Maybe someday I’ll retire back
to New York. But not yet.

Short Stories

My short story, Widow Woman has been selected by Smaerlit for inclusion in Smaerlit’s Book Three, due out later this year. Originally I posted the story here as a writing sample. When they approached me for a short story for their Book Three, I decidedto redo the ending, changing it from somewhat of a Steam Punk fantasy story to … well to what it is now.


Small Town Romance: Men in Blue to the Rescue

Amy Williams is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. From childhood, her father taught her to see the   mystery and danger in every-day events. All her adult life, however —including her present sedate secretarial job at a small, educational non-profit— has always been…well, uneventful. Still, she won’t let that blind her to the every-day mysteries around her.

Michael Edwards is a brawny, good-looking, facts-only beat cop who was raised on the poor side of town by a single mother. Mysteries need to be demystified and made safe. Danger needs to be disarmed, contained or neutralized. Its not just his job, it’s his whole upbringing.

When Amy and Michael meet—him in uniform, her in her torn nightgown at two in the morning on her front porch!—it is instant attraction. And repulsion! But someone begins to stalk Amy, she is sure. Well, pretty sure. But it seems like she’s the only one who sees the stalker. Then someone breaks into her apartment. Or did they?

It’s not until Amy disappears and even her best friend can’t figure out where she disappeared to, that Michael and his best friend and fellow officer Chris are willing to believe that something more sinister than Amy’s over-active imagination is at work.  Now the question is, can they find her in time? And where to even begin looking with no clues?

The first six chapters are available for preview here.

The whole book now available on Amazon

This Old House: Down Cellar

The handyman/plumber finds a stairway that “doesn’t belong” in a Victorian house… and a tunnel! That leads… somewhere off the property??!!

The  soft-spoken, unobtrusive genealogist has some powerful political connections to the present as well as the past.

The local columnist is keeping secrets that she can’t remember and they are driving her crazy. Literally.

And then an arsonist comes to town in a red pickup truck.

Welcome to Freiburg, Indiana, a small town with big secrets, a surprising past and a present day that’s a little too exciting. “This Old House: Down Cellar” begins the adventures of Jim and John, unlikely allies in a race to solve a generations-old mystery–before they both get burned. Literally.

This Old House: Down Cellar is in its final revision and will be available August 15, 2018. Preview chapters are available here.



One Response to Home

  1. Jane Blackman says:

    Didn’t know you were an author! Just found something on FB! Have to see if our library has a copy of the book!


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