Advance Readers/Reviewers

1.     First, THANK YOU for volunteering to read “Down Cellar” and writing an honest review of it. By signing in with your name and email, you allow me to give you a link to an Advance Reader Copy of the book and keep an organized record of everyone who gets one. (Organized is the key word there!) And to keep in touch as necessary. “In touch” does NOT mean floods of emails–there’s only one of me and I’d rather be writing something else!

2.     Once you are ready to write your review please post it on Amazon, AFTER August 15 when Down Cellar goes live. The Amazon page is here, and near the bottom of the page, is a button, “Write a customer review”. Click and review!

If you want, also post it on GoodReads. The link is:
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3.     And that’s it! Thank you again for your willingness, your time and your expertise. You are greatly appreciated! The book is yours to keep, of course. The physical copy is available as well, if you care to purchase it. I hope the reading experience will be a pleasure!

Click HERE for your Advance Reader Copy of “Down Cellar”.