November… no, wait! December?!

If you have been following my Instagram ramblings, you might notice… I’ve changed stories. But first an update. 

Life Stuff

The Death in the Family is past. It’s difficult to find a word to put there. It‘s not settled, not really. Not this quickly. But it is past.  The bulk of what needed immediate attention is done. Now comes the long adjustment to the cold fact.

The Job is going Well. Very well. I began full time the end of October, working security. This choice may or may not come as a surprise. I am ‘older’, I am ‘educated’, etc etc. but more relevant, I am retired, or was. This employment fits my situation so well in so many ways it’s hard to believe my good fortune. I work with good people, for good people, and around good people. And I get paid well for this industry.

And I still have time to write. Not on the job: it really does not work. I can’t concentrate on my inner world and still be alert to the ‘external’ world that most of the human race calls ‘the real world.’  And after all, I am being paid to work here, not in that very real world that exists inside my mind. In some ways, the enforced absence from my writing world is a nice break. I can connect with audience rather than my characters. It’s all good.

These two events have contributed to my missing a month or two on this blog. Of course, the real reason for missing a month is my own procrastination for 3 weeks. Or so.

Writing Stuff

So… Bobby Loves Helen was an interruption to UpStairs. But now “Confessions of a FGM” has interrupted Bobby Loves Helen. Honestly, I needed a break from Bobby. The story gets darker and darker from here on and I’m dreading having to write it. I watched about ten minutes of “Goodfellows” and had to turn it off. Way too much like what I see happening to Bobby.

But Confessions is not any less dark. It began as a 12 word flash fiction. I chose Cinderella, and titled it “After Midnight”… what happened next. Of course, it takes a dark turn, and from the initial idea, it has taken on theological tones in steam punk dress. Go figure. If you are not much into theology, you likely will not even see that part. The steam punk just seemed to fit the mood and the action so well I couldn’t resist.  That has been a learning curve and I will soon be asking for help on it.  Oh, and I have added in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and their kingdoms and their princes. And of course the Evil Steam Punk Fairy Godmother. I think it will be a fun read.

That’s it for now. Time to get ready for work. More later. Sooner than this one, though.

Keep Writing,

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